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Firewire Sweet Potato 5'10 Volcanic Surfboard

Firewire Sweet Potato 5'10 Volcanic Surfboard

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Firewire Sweet Potato 5'10 Volcanic Surfboard

5'10 x 22 1/2" x 2 13/16"   45.2 litres volume

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Futures fin set up.  Comes without fins.

" Small wave grovel, fast and fun. The Sweet Potato is probably the widest, flattest rockered, most thick surfboard you will ever surf. You can now ride a shortboard in lineups traditionally ruled by long boarders. 

 Keep it in your trunk so that you can always surf it in the junk, because from buttery floaters to no-paddle takeoffs, our new Sweet Potato is my favorite small wave surfboard. 

It's high performance but it's definitely a groveler. The Volcanic Helium Sweet Potato is the absolute most fun you can have in really bad waves."

-Dan Mann


The NEW Sweet Potato is the refined swallowtail version of the original Sweet Potato - the board that transformed what surfing is for me (and I hope many others). The Sweet Potato converts waves that would normally require a longboard (or even just be a non-surf day) into loads and loads of fun because of the insane amount of volume packed into a very short board that is loose and packs tons of drive. The trademark deep double barrel concave essentially splits the board in half when tipped over and driving through turns, making the board feel way more narrow than it actually is. The new tail outline, combined with some tweaks on the bottom contours through the fins, has increased the maneuverability for tighter pocket turns without taking away the projection and grovel speed in gutless surf.


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Specifications & Sizing

5'10 x 22 1/2" x 2 13/16" 45.2 litres volume


Futures Fins Set up. Board comes without fins.


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