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Shop our hand-picked selection of ready-to-ride skateboards in NZ.  Choose from designs and sizes that cater to every skating style and personality. Compliment your board design with the appropriate wheels and bearings for a skateboarding experience that's uniquely yours. Buy a skateboard online from Blitz Surf Shop today.

Quality Skateboards

Our skateboards are more than just a means of
transportation; they're a statement of style, innovation, and pure fun. Engineered for both beginners and seasoned riders, our boards are the epitome of quality and performance. Blitz Surf Shop is your one-stop shop for all things surf and skate.

Whether you want to elevate your skateboarding game or find the perfect starter board to shred the streets, shop the full range above. If you need some advice, contact our team to help you find the perfect skateboard to get you started.