Collection: Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard wheels are the foundation of a smooth ride. Old or worn-out wheels can be dangerous. They can make your board slip or slide unexpectedly. Wheels should be regularly replaced for peak performance. If your skate wheels are looking worse for wear, shop our range from leading brands such as Globe, Bones, and Craver Roundhouse below.

Choosing the Right Wheels for You

When selecting skateboard wheels, you'll want to consider both the size of the wheel and its durometer scale. These measurements will determine how your board rides and what you can do with it.

Wheel Size

The general rule is that the smaller the wheels, the higher the speed, while bigger wheels make for a slower ride. Finding the right size depends on how and where you like to skate:

  • For skateboarding on the streets, wheels with a smaller diameter between 49mm and 53mm would be ideal.
  • For skateboarding on the ramps, our Bones range of wheels that sit anywhere between 54mm to 58mm work best.
  • For vert skateboarding and cruising, a larger diameter above 58mm is recommended.

Durometer Level

The durometer level measures the hardness of skateboard wheels. It ranges from 1 to 100, with higher numbers meaning harder wheels. The durometer rating affects wheel grip, speed, sliding, and shock absorption.

Different durometer levels will perform better depending on how you like to skate:

  • 78A-87A (Soft Wheels): These wheels, available in our Carver range, are ideal for cruising and rough terrain. They offer better shock absorption and grip but at the price of speed.
  • 88A-95A (All-Purpose Wheels): These wheels are a jack-of-all-trades, with a balanced combination of grip and slide ability.
  • 96A-99A (Hard Wheels): These wheels have great speed but much less grip, making them perfect for street skating and technical tricks.
  • 100A & above (Extra Hard Wheels): These wheels have minimal grip but maximise slide ability, which is ideal for technical street skating.

Is it Time to Replace Your Skateboard Wheels?

Nothing beats riding on a fresh set of wheels. Invest in new skateboard wheels today and reignite your love for skating. Shop our range online today.