Collection: Womens Wetsuits

Find the perfect women's wetsuits to improve your surfing experience with enhanced comfort and optimal performance. These quality surfing wetsuits provide a snug yet flexible fit, giving you a great range of motion in the water while keeping you wonderfully warm. From women's shorty wetsuits to steamers and jackets, shop the full range below!

Wetsuits Designed For Women

Our women's wetsuits feature a wide range of wetsuit rubber options, technical specifications, feminine fit, yardages, and varied entry systems. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned water enthusiast, you'll surely find the perfect wetsuit from Blitz Surf Shop.

Our wetsuits deliver the warmth, durability, and performance needed for an enjoyable and unforgettable surfing experience. Perform across
various water conditions with a functional wetsuit that hugs your body and keeps you agile and warm even in the coldest conditions. Enjoy your water
adventures to the fullest; shop the full range above or get in touch for advice on finding the perfect wetsuit!