Collection: Surfboard Fins

Surfboard fins are one of the most crucial performance items in a surfer's toolkit. Coming in single, twin, thruster, or quad sets and several different templates, you can customise your board's dynamics to match your surfing style. The fins at Blitz Surf Shop are available in different materials with varying levels of responsiveness, suited for a wide range of surfboards. Browse our extensive assortment below to find fins for your board today!

Premium Surfboard Fins for Quality Surf

The placement, size, and configuration of your fins affect how your board rides. Refine your board's performance with our extensive selection of premium fins, giving you the ultimate wave-riding experience through your desired adjustments and experiments. This versatility allows you to explore different configurations for the best performance in different conditions.

At Blitz Surf Shop, we understand that the perfect fin setup varies from person to person, so our team would love to chat and help you find the perfect fins. Let's get started; talk to us today to buy surfboard fins online that suit your surfing style!