Collection: Wetsuit hoods

If you like to surf year-round, a good wetsuit hood is essential for making the cold waters of New Zealand more enjoyable. We stock some of the most popular wetsuit caps from leading brands such as O'Neill and Rip Curl. Protect yourself from the elements while in the water, and shop our collection below.

Why Wear a Wetsuit Hood?

New Zealand has a diverse climate. While the North Island enjoys warm, subtropical summers, some areas in the South Island can experience negative temperatures during winter. But if you're like us and don't want to put your surfboard away just because of cold temperatures, a wetsuit hood is essential.

A wetsuit cap, or surf hood, is designed to trap heat and keep you warmer in the water. It protects your head, one of the body parts that loses heat the fastest. Wearing a hood can prevent that sudden headache you might get from plunging into freezing water. It also keeps your hair out of your face so you can focus on surfing.

Wearing a wetsuit hood will also help minimise common surfers' ear problems like pain and infections. A high-quality wetsuit cap keeps you warmer, safer, and more comfortable when braving the cold water temperatures of New Zealand.

Shop Our Wetsuit Cap Collection Online

With hoods in different styles, thicknesses, and sizes, our collection has everything you need to protect yourself from the elements. Pair your steamer wetsuit with one of our hoods, and you’ll be comfortable in the water year-round. Shop online today.