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Protect yourself from wind, UV rays, and any chance of chafing while in the water with our collection of women's rash guards. Blending style and functionality, our women’s surf t-shirts are perfect for long days spent at the beach. Explore our range below.

Qualities to Look for in Your Women's Rash Guard


Rash guards come in two fits: tight or loose. For active water sports like surfing, swimming, or paddle boarding, a tight-fitting rash guard that moves like a second skin is recommended for reduced resistance. If you plan to wear your rash vest under a women’s wetsuit, a tight-fitting surf t-shirt is the way to go. If you'll be lounging at the beach or on a boat and want sun protection with more comfort, opt for a loose, relaxed-fit rash guard worn over regular swimwear.


Most rash guards are made from stretchy fabrics like
spandex, nylon, or polyester. It's even better if they use eco-friendly materials. Depending on the activity, like high-performance surfing, rash guards
may have extra features for comfort, better sun protection, or quicker drying.

UPF Rating

One main reason people wear rash guards is to protect their skin from the sun. If you want protection from morning to night, look for rash guards with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 50 or higher.

Look Your Best at the Beach with Our Range of Surf T-Shirts

Whether you're an avid surfer or just love spending time in the sun, a high-quality women's rash guard is a must-have for protection and comfort. Browse our selection of women's surf t-shirts and stay protected at the beach.