Collection: Men’s Boardshorts

Men’s board shorts are an iconic part of surf culture, with a rich history dating back to the early days of surfing, often associated with a relaxed, carefree lifestyle. Join the movement and make a statement with colourful, functional men’s surf shorts from Blitz Surf Shop. Shop now!  Surf companies got so good at making boardshorts they branched into walkshorts, denim shorts and more recently amphibian shorts (walkshort cut in boardshort materials).

Enjoy Versatile, High-Quality Shorts

Blitz Surf Shop features a range of men’s board and surf shorts offering features that make them ideal for water sports and other high-intensity activities.


Choose from denim and cargo shorts that will have you looking fly on a skateboard or durable and
quick-drying surf shorts that can withstand constant contact with water and sun, sand, and salt exposure. Wear your surf shorts during or after water-based and casual activities such as surfing, wakeboarding, swimming, and more! Browse the offerings from Blitz and add shorts that are sure to make an impact on your wardrobe today!