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Winter 2024 Blitz Surfing Wetsuit Buyers Guide

Winter surfing in New Zealand can be a very cold, but super rewarding experience.  You need the right equipment to keep you frothing to get out there when the mercury dips.  There are lots of models of wetsuits around and surfers find different features more important than others.

Whether you are after a great price, utlimate performance, or insane warmth, there is something for everyone.

Over the years we have gone from keeping crazy amounts of models in stock, to now thinning out the models to get what we believe is currently the best range.

Its important to note that if you are holding off till the water gets icy, some brands are looking to sell out of various models early this year with less stock on hand than usual so make sure you choose quickly to get what you want.

In this guide we have broken down our most popular models into various categories (low cost, mid-range, high performance, greenest, top-end) to help you to decide what suits you best.

Low Cost, High quality:

It would be hard to go past the O'Neill Focus series for price and features (men's, women's and children's backa and chest zip).  Most wetsuits around this price point have been stripped right back or use bad neoprene.  O'Neill have got it right presenting the right amount of features while holding a great price.

Standard neoprene legs and body, high stretch neoprene arms and shoulders, GBS (glued and blindstitched seams) with critical taping, core thermal lining.

O'Neill Focus chest zip wetsuit

Adult 4/3mm suits at Blitz just $350

Mid Range - Good performance and plenty of features

At this level we go with the competing Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Series (adult and youth) and O'Neill Defender (mens and boys) and Bahia (womens and girls).  All of these suits come in both chest and back zip options.

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 4/3mm chest zip wetsuit

Lots of similarities between both the Rip Curl and O'Neill suits here with thermal lining internally throughout the body to the ankles.  Glued and stitched sealed seams with taping throughout body and legs.  The Rip Curl suits have a back barrier on the back zip wetsuit, O'Neill have a back flap, so that comes down to personal preference.

O'Neill Defender 4/3mm chest zip wetsuit

These are both highly spec'ed wetsuits at this price range and provide and great amount of performance and warmth for this price range.

Adult 4/3mms from $440-530

O'Neill womens Bahia chest zip 4/3mm wetsuit

 Highest Performance 4/3mm Wetsuits

These suits are targeting the most dynamic surfers.  Crew that paddle the whole session getting wave after wave and want the highest performance, lowest resistance, lightest attributes in a wetsuit.

The two models that go head to head here for highest performance are the O'Neill Hyperfreak (which has been our best selling wetsuit series for a few years now) and the new Rip Curl E7 E Bomb with lighter, higher stretch neoprene than ever before.  Both these suits are still made of warm neoprene but don't have the heavier weight thermal lining some of the warmth targeting suits have.  Adults $540-580

Hyperfreak (mens, womens and childrens, chest zip only)

O'Neill Hyperfreak wetsuit
The O'Neill Hyperfreak series continues to dominate the Australasian wetsuit market.  High stretch TB3 neoprene through the body and super stretch TB3X neoprene through the arms and shoulders.  "Feels like Freedom".  Part of O'Neill's Blue range using more sustainable and recycled materials than previously.

Rip Curl 2024 E7 E Bomb

Rip Curl E7 E Bomb 4/3 wetsuit charcoal
The famous Rip Curl E Bomb series has stood the test of time and keeps getting upgraded with more performance and better rubber with each new inception.  Combo E7 and E6 thermolining with E7 neoprene for high stretch, lightness and warmth.  Glued stitched and neoprene taped.  Zip free.  The rubber on these arms needs a tiny amount of force to stretch so you will have almost no resistance paddling.  E7 Neoprene is 20% lighter and has 20% more stretch than the previous amazing E6 neoprene.

The Greenest Wetsuit Option

The amazing Billabong Revolution Natural 4/3mm wetsuit takes this mantle in our shop.  Made from plant-based Yulex Pure Stretch Natural rubber, Graphene comp high stretch/high warmth thermal lining, zip-free entry, 100% glued/stitched/taped sealed seams, Airlite 4D external jersey for insane stretch, recycled materials.

Other brands' Yulex suits go for $800+ so at RRP $650 this is a great option to go greener but have super sick performance and warmth.  This is a really good suit, greener, high performance and high warmth.  Ticks lots of boxes.

Billabong Revolution Natural yulex wetsuit
Other brands are also using more recycled and sustainable materials in the past as they all try to innovate and reduce environmental harm

Warmest High-Spec, Higher end Wetsuits

We've got three great models to compare here, all new to the market in the last 12 months.  The O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire or HyperfireRip Curl E7 Flashbomb, the O'Neill HyperfireX and the Rip Curl FBomb Fusion  Prices $640-$880

O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire

Building on the back of the huge popularity of the Hyperfreak series.  Customers were asking for a super high performance wetsuit with some extra warmth.  So The Hyperfreak Fire was born which has the same high-performance  characteristics as the Hyperfreak but with additional TB Firewall thermal lining throughout the core to the knees.  Available in back zip in mens, chest zip in mens, womens and childrens.

O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire chest zip wetsuit

Rip Curl E7 Flashbomb

"The World's Fastest Drying Wetsuit"

Rip Curl E7 Flashbomb Chest zip wetsuit
The Flashbomb Series has been a winner for some time and now comes in even better E7 neoprene for 2024.  E7 Neoprene has 20% more stretch and is 20% lighter than the previous E6 neoprene. Glued, stitched and internally taped seams with E7 Flashdry taping.  E7 and E6 Flashdry lining throughout for ultimate wamrth and touch dry in 20-30 minutes.  This is a seriously warm suit with high performance characteristics and the inside will be dry for your next session!  $730 mens and womens chest zip

O'Neill Hyper Fire X

O'Neill womens Hyper Fire X 4/3mm wetsuit
New for 2024 taking the popularity of the Hyperfreak and Hyperfreak Fire Series to new heights.  O'Neill have put all of their top-end features into a suit designed for combatting extreme winter conditions.  Also available in 5/4mm but we keep 4/3mm in stock.
Super stretch TB4x neoprene through the upper body, TB4 high stretch through the rest of the suit.  This neoprene is also hydrophobic, warm and superlight.  TB4 Firewall lining chest and back to ankles with the added super warmth of Air Firewall panels in the vhest and back (this captures heat from your body into the airfilled cavities making your core super warm. Think of it as a honeycomb shape where the gaps fill with warm air and stay wamr through your session).  Glued and stitched seams made even more druable with external rubber fluid seam welding.  A suit for those wanting top end warmth and features without compromising performance.

Rip Curl FBomb Fusion

Rip Curl womens F Bomb Fusion 4/3mm wetsuit

The pinacle of many decades of Rip Curl innovation on wetsuits.  This is a suit that is unique to Rip Curl and has the best of all worlds.

"Seams That Don't Leak"

Rip Curl Fusion dry seam technology.  This is a unique bonding technique that eliminates the need for stitching and the suit is 96% stitch free!  This creates a warmer, more durable wetsuit.  With super warm, quick-dry E7 Flashdry lining and high performance E7 neoprene.  This is thehighest cost wetsuit in our store but it really is amazing.  You will be super warm, have plenty of stretch, and the integrity of the seams should last as long as the expected life of the neoprene.  Zip-free entry system only and available in mens and womens.


As you can see at Blitz Surf Shop we've got all the bases covered with our careful selection of current season 4/3mm winter wetsuits.  Whether you are on a budget but still want to stay warm in your winter surfs, you're very eco-conscious, you're after Ultimate performance in a wetsuit, or you want all the bells and whistles, we have got something for you.

To check out these features for yourself with the help of our highly informed staff come on down to Blitz Surf Shop, 34 Wainui Road, Gisborne or give us a call on 06 8684428 or email blitzsurf@gmail.com

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