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Understanding Your FCS 2 Thruster Fins

Wanting to buy FCS 2 surfboard fins in NZ?  Blitz Surf Shop keeps a wide range of fins on hand throuhgout the year.

FCS 2 is a patented fin system that has a huge range of fins available to get your board performing in ways you wouldn't believe.  But how do you select what you want in your board?

You need to decide on which construction best suits your needs, which template, size and performance characteristics.  And that's just with a set of thruster fins.  Then you can go into single, twin, twin plus 1, thruster, quad and speciality.

Here I am going to break down the thruster fin templates into easier categories so you can make an informed purchase decision on the expected performance of each shape. 

Under each main category for the Essential Fin Series I will also put the Athlete and Shaper Series that fit in the same area.  Handily on the box the fins come in instore, the essential family (Reactor/Performer/Accelerator/Carver) is listed and colour coded on both the Athlete and Shaper series.

This is aimed at thruster sets for this blog.  


Reactor Family

FCS 2 Reactor Fin

FCS 2 Reactor Fin in performance core carbon construction

Upright Template | Low Sweep

The "loosest" fin category in FCS 2 ranges

- speed, tight turns and snaps

- for beach breaks and hollow waves

- boards with lower rocker

Athlete Fins in Reactor Family

SF - Sally Fitzgibbons' signature fin

FCS 2 SF Sally Fitzgibbons' fin

Smaller centre fin allows the tail to slide and release easily

Shaper Series Fins in Reactor Family

MB - Matt Biolos' (Lost Surfboards Mayhem) shaper fin

FCS 2 MB Matt Biolos surfboard fin

Reliable yet lively template designed for high performance surfing in the pocket.

HS - Hayden Cox's (Hayden Shapes) shaper fin

FCS 2 HS Hayden Cox surfboard fin black


Purpose built for the Hypto Krypto and high-volume models to enhance turning ability

CI - Channel Islands shaper fin

FCS 2 CI Channel Islands surfboard fin
Smaller centre fin allows the tail to slide and release easily

GL - Gerry Lopez shaper fin

FCS 2 GL Gerry Lopez surfboard fin
Designed by Gerry to compliment his Surftech surfboard models, these fins are perfect for when the waves are pumping and you're looking for extra speed.
The Reactor fin family can be further divided from most slide to most grip within the template.

Performer Family

FCS 2 Performer Fin

FCS 2 Performer thruster fin set in surfboard
Balanced Template | Neutral Sweep
- A balance of speed, flow and response
- All conditions
- All board types

Shaper Fins in Performer Family

SE - Sharpeye's shaper fin

FCS 2 SE Sharpeye fin
High performance fin with lots of drive.  All round fin with a larger base that maintains plenty of release off the lip.

Pyzel - Jon Pyzel's shaper fin

FCS 2 Pyzel surfboard fin
This all-round fin has a long base, narrow tip and plenty of drive off the bottom.  It will also release easily off the lip.
MOST SLIDE - SE-Performer-Pyzel - MOST GRIP

Accelerator Family

FCS 2 Accelerator Fin

FCS 2 Accelerator surfboard fin in performance core carbon construction
Fuller Template | Neutral/High Sweep
- Controlled high speed turns
- Punchy conditions
- Most boards, step-ups and hybrids

Athlete Fins in Accelerator Family

KA - Kolohe Andino's signature fin

FCS 2 KA Kolohe Andino surfboard fin
Delivers a lively mix of drive and tail release for surfing on or above the wave

FT - Filipe Toldeo's signature fin

FCS 2 FT surfboard fin
Ultralight construction, designed for airs and critical turns.

SB - Sky Brown's signature fin

FCS 2 SB Sky Brown surfboard fin
Neutral, all-round fin offering a balance of speed, flow and response for groms and lighter surfers

Shaper Fins in the Accelerator Family

CC - Chris Christenson's shaper fin

FCS 2 CC Chris Christenson surfboard fin black
Super versatile, all-round thruster which can be pushed hard in critical conditions.

Tokoro - Wade Tokoro's shaper fin

FCS 2 Tokoro surfboard fins in surfboard
Designed in collaboration with surfer and shaper Wade Tokoro, famous for his powerful carving style, these fins are perfect for hollow powerful waves.

DHD - Darren Handley's shaper fin

FCS 2 DHD Darren Handley surfboard fin
Ideal for executing controlled turns in bigger, steeper sections
MOST SLIDE - Tokoro - KA - FT - DHD - SB - CC - Acclerator - MOST GRIP

Carver Family

FCS 2 Carver fins

FCS 2 Carver Performance core fin set in surfboard
Elongated Template | High Sweep
- Powerful, drawn-out turns
- Point breaks and open face waves
- Boards with higher rocker

Athlete Fins in Carver Family

JW - Julian Wilson's signature fin

FCS 2 JW Julian Wilson surfboard fin
Ultralight, highly responsive fin delivers a feeling of predictablility at critical movements

MF - Mick Fanning's signature fin

FCS 2 MF Mick Fanning surfboard fins in surfboard
Suited to power surfers who like to carve and push hard against their fins

Shaper Fins in Carver Family

AM - Al Merrick's shaper fin

FCS 2 AM Al Merrick surfboard fin cobalt blue
Exceptional drive off the bottom, while allowing quick turns off the top


JS - Jason Stevenson's shaper fin

FCS 2 JS Jason Stevenson surfboard fins in surfboard
Produces exceptional drive and hold when pushed through hard turns


There are loads of awesome options of FCS 2 surfboard fins available which suit different tastes and surfing abilities.  Hopefully you have found this guide useful to help you decide on which template is best for you.

If you need further guidance feel free to contact the helpful team at Blitz Surf Shop and we can also discuss the features of the different constructions available which we haven't gone into here.  I will do a future blog on the different constructions of FCS 2 fins available.

If we don't currently have the FCS 2 surfboard fins online that you are after just get in touch and we will endeavour to get them for you.  Shippng time is pretty quick when fins are in stock in the manufacturuer's warehouse.

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