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Skateboard Wheel Durometer: A Comprehensive Guide with Bones Wheels Insights


Skateboarding is a sport, a lifestyle, that revolves around precision, control, and performance. One often overlooked but critical aspect of a skateboard's setup is the durometer measurement of its wheels. In this blog, we'll delve into the intricacies of skateboard wheel durometer, exploring how it is measured, why it is crucial, and how different hardness levels impact various aspects of skateboarding. We'll also shine a spotlight on Bones Wheels, a renowned brand known for its diverse formulas catering to different skating styles.

Understanding Durometer Measurement:

Durometer is a scale that quantifies the hardness of a material. In the context of skateboard wheels, it's a measure of how much the wheel resists deformation under pressure. The durometer scale typically ranges from 1 to 100, with higher values indicating harder wheels. The measurement is performed using a durometer device, a handheld tool with a pointed needle that penetrates the wheel's surface to gauge its hardness.

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Why Durometer Matters:

Durometer is a crucial factor in determining a skateboard's overall performance. The hardness of the wheels affects grip, speed, slide ability, and shock absorption. Choosing the right durometer is akin to fine-tuning your skateboard for the specific type of terrain or skating style you prefer.

Different Durometer Levels and Their Impact:

  1. 78A-87A: Soft Wheels

    • Ideal for cruising and rough terrain.
    • Offers better shock absorption, providing a smoother ride.
    • Reduced speed due to increased grip.
    • Great for Surfskates
    • Carver Roundhouse mag skateboard wheels
  2. 88A-95A: All-Purpose Wheels

    • Versatile for various terrains and skate styles.
    • A balanced combination of grip and slide ability.
    • Suitable for street skating, ramps, and parks.
  3. 96A-99A: Hard Wheels

    • Designed for street skating and technical tricks.
    • Improved slide ability and increased speed.
    • Less grip, allowing for precise control during tricks.
  4. 100A and above: Extra Hard Wheels

    • Primarily used for technical street skating and sliding.
    • Minimal grip, maximizing slide ability.
    • Offers higher speed on smooth surfaces.

Bones Wheels Formulas:

Bones Wheels, a stalwart in the skateboarding industry, has developed multiple formulas to cater to the diverse needs of skateboarders:

  1. STF (Street Tech Formula):

    • Designed for street skating and technical tricks.
    • High resistance to flat spots, ensuring durability.
    • Available in various durometers, allowing customization.
    • Bones Joslin Freedom Fourever STF skateboard wheels
  2. ATF (All-Terrain Formula):

    • Versatile formula suitable for all types of terrain.
    • Provides a smooth ride on rough surfaces.
    • Offers a good balance between grip and slide ability.
  3. SPF (Skatepark Formula):

    • Optimized for park and transition skating.
    • High rebound for maximum speed and response.
    • Resistant to flat spots, ensuring longevity.
    • Bones Circle skulls SPF skateboard wheels

Pair a set of industry standard Bones Reds skateboard bearings with your favourite set of skateboard wheels to get the best performance for your style of skating.

Bones Reds skateboard bearings


Choosing the right durometer for your skateboard wheels is a nuanced decision that depends on your skating style, preferences, and the terrain you frequent. Bones Wheels, with its diverse formulas, exemplifies the importance of customization in achieving optimal performance. So, whether you're navigating the streets, conquering ramps, or perfecting technical tricks, understanding and selecting the right durometer will undoubtedly enhance your skateboarding experience.

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