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Exploring 6 of New Zealand’s Best Skate Parks

New Zealand has unique and amazing skate parks from the North Island to the South. Each boasts a unique blend of features, from gravity-defying vert
ramps to street-style obstacles that will put your skills to the test.
Whether you're a local skater or planning a skateboarding adventure, join us as we roll through the best skate parks in NZ, embracing the spirit of
freedom on four wheels. Explore these incredible spaces and prepare for your next ride with a selection of high-quality complete skateboards in
NZ from Blitz Surf Shop.

1. Valonia Skate Park (Auckland)

Inspired by the geological beauty of New Zealand's volcanic fields, the Valonia Skate Park in Auckland offers a visually unique and varied experience.
Boasting a distinctive design that draws from the fractured geology concept, the park features ramps, rails, quarter pipes, and creative obstacles, including a rock at the top of the banks. This exceptional skate space caters to intermediate and advanced skaters. It provides a dynamic environment for skaters to explore and showcase their skills against the lava-coloured terraces and stunning visual elements.

2. Alfred Cox Skate Park (Gisborne)

Skater doing a grind at the Gisborne Alfred Cox skate park

(image from Gisborne Herald)

Recently upgraded with a $3 million redevelopment, Alfred Cox, also known as Gisborne Skate Park, stands out as one of New Zealand's finest skate
parks. Hosting the NZ Nationals in both 2022 and 2023 shortly after its completion, this park is a testament to its top-notch facilities.  Designed to cater to riders of all ages, especially new and young enthusiasts, Alfred Cox offers various features, including a bowl, halfpipe, and various obstacles.

3. Marton Skate Park (Marton)

Marton Skate Park

(image from Rangitikei District Council)

Nestled in the heart of Marton within Centennial Park, Marton skate park underwent an extension upgrade in 2019. The additions include a flow bowl
area featuring a rising extension and pump bump, bespoke seating, and a shelter structure. The park boasts various features such as a flyout, box jump,
vertical wall, and flow bowl.  There are plans to include the addition of barbecues, more seating, shade, and play equipment, aligning with its goal to become a family-friendly and inviting space.

4. Masterton Skate Park (Masterton)

Also known as Queen Elizabeth Skate Park, taking its name from the park it's in, Masterton Skate Park is a skater's haven. This uniquely designed park is
the largest in the Wellington region.  The park includes a refurbished flow bowl, a new pool bowl with terraced seating, and a main platform with street skating features. You'll also find a bowled mini-ramp with transfer, an upper street skating area, a resurfaced outer loop with pump-styled elements, and a box jump setup. This colourful skatepark provides an exciting environment for skaters of all levels with several transitions, ramps, and street elements.

5. Washington Way Reserve Skate Park (Christchurch)

Situated within a broader recreational zone, Washington Way Reserve offers more than just skateboarding excitement. This skate park sits adjacent to
amenities like a playground, toilets, car park, basketball court, sports fields, and seating, forming part of a multifaceted recreational space.  The skate park boasts a diverse layout, featuring a spacious bowl with an over-vert capsule and extensions and a flow bowl with radial corners, hips, spine, pump bumps, and banked extensions. Popular with both skateboarders and scooter enthusiasts, this park also draws BMX riders and those into other wheeled activities.

6. Wānaka Skate Park (Wānaka)

Sitting within Pembroke Park, Wānaka Skate Park showcases a contemporary layout with diverse features like ramps, quarter pipes, and rails, catering to
different tricks and techniques. The park comprises bowls ranging from 4 to 12 feet, a street section, and playful variations of quarter pipe features.  The park offers breathtaking views of mountains and lakes. It features a seamless seven-foot bowl and an impressive street skating section—it's easy to
see why it is one of the South Island's best skate parks.

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