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Places To Get Takeaways In Gisborne After Your Surf

At Blitz Surf Shop not only do we love to surf, but we also love to eat! Especially after a long surf session at one of Gizzy's awesome beaches.

There are some excellent locally owned and operated takeaway places to get food from when you are visiting Gisborne. Some of these places are also cafes or restaurants.

Taco from Food Cartel in Gisborne
(taco from Food Cartel)

At Blitz we can give you some local knowledge when you call into our locally owned, independent NZ surf shop, or if you're an online surfer, here are some of our favourite takeaway places around town.  


Gisborne Takeaways

Neptunes Pizzeria: 

Neptunes Pizza Gisborne shop front

Top quality, absolutely delicious pizzas with a range of different gourmet flavours and old favourites.  Quick cooking time.  Always great.  My personal favourites are the Beef and Blue Cheese, the Butcher and the Pollo Brie pizzas. 

Neptunes Pizzeria garlic prawn pizza

Located on Gladstone Road almost opposite the police station on the way to Wainui Beach (or on the way back to town after your surf!).  There's some outdoor seating available for the warmer Gisborne nights.  Neptunes Pizzeria Website


Food Cartel (Mexican Street Food)

Food Cartel Gisborne Mexican street food caravan

Food Cartel is a mobile, locally owned Mexican Street Food caravan serving  lunch and is usually located at CSL Security carpark near the Gisborne District Council.  Using fresh local produce to make street food favourites like nachos and tacos with a local twist (eg local fish or paua options).  Serving up delicious, unique East Coast style Mexican food. Try their Birria style tacos for something special. They are also available for catering! Food Cartel Website

Taco from Food Cartel in Gisborne


London Street Fish Shop

London Street Fish and Chips

What's a surf trip without a classic Kiwi feed of Fish and Chips?!  London Street is often mentioned by locals when asked about best fish and chips in Gisborne.  Gourmet it isn't, but if you are after a large, classic takeaway meal then it is gold.  Located in a small group of shops at 17 London Street in Kaiti.


 Sofra Turkish Cafe

Sofra Turkish Cafe in Gisborne

Sofra Turkish Cafe is on the corner just down from Neptunes Pizzeria at the Wainui end of Gladstone Road.  Eat in or takeaway.  Serving up classic Mediterranean, Turkish and Middle Eastern favourites.  Think Kebabs, Pitas, salads, burgers, grills and desserts.  Their aim is to preserve the essence of Turkish cooking.  Sofra Turkish Cafe Website


The Wrap

The Wrap kebab shop in Gisborne

Another classic Mediterranean style takeaway place specialising in Doner chicken or lamb, falafel or vege Kebabs, Iskenders, Grills and more.  Served up nice and fast.  Eat in or takeaway options available.  Handily located in the centre of town just around the corner from the town clock on Grey Street, heading towards Waikanae Beach and the Gisborne Skatepark.  The Wrap Kebab Shop website


Thai Sunshine Restaurant and Takeaways

Sunshine Thai Gisborne restaurant and takeaways

Nice and simple set up but great quality food at really good prices.  Eat in and takeaway options available.  Run by a really nice Thai family.  The takeaways are always great sized helpings and well worth a visit.  Convenient to the centre of town just around the corner from the town clock on the way to Waikanae Beach and the Gisborne Skatepark.  My favourite is the duck red curry served hot but there are a lot of other great options on their menu.  Sunshine Thai  Gisborne website


Just Thai Restaurant and Takeaways

Just Thai Gisborne takeaways and restaurant

Tucked away in a quiet street down towards the river its easy to miss this one.  But we are lucky to have two good quality Thai takeaway places in Gisborne.  Great value meals and lots of taste.  Just Thai Gisborne website


Morrell's Artisan Bakery

Morrell's Artisan Bakery Gisborne shop front

This has got to be the highest quality bakery in town.  Its definitely my favourite.  There are cheaper places around but they're cheaper for a reason.  Top quality ingredients with everything made onsite.  Excellent pies in a variety of flavours, sweet treats, Turkish filled rolls, fresh bread and way more.  Try their famous fruit tarts, their potato top pies or their amazing custard squares.  Another family run, locally owned business by a really nice family.  Morrell's Artisan Bakery Facebook page


Burger Wisconsin

Burger Wisconsin Gisborne shop front

Ok so technically its a francise but it is also locally owned within the franchise.  Serving up great quality burgers for when you're sick of the low grade burgers from the big international chains. The Kiwi Classic is definitely my favourite here but plenty of other options on their menu including vegetarian options.  This place has got to be as good as Burger Fuel surely.  Located at the Wainui end of Gladstone Road opposite Neptunes Pizzeria in the block by the police station. Eat in and takeaway options available. Burger Wisconsin website


 Bollywood Indian Takeways and Restaurant

Bollywood Stars Indian Restaurant and takeaways in Gisborne showing shop front

There are a bunch of Indian restaurants and takeaways in Gisborne but Bollywood is one of our favourites and consistently one of the best.  Good quality and selection of food at good prices with both takeaway and eat in options available.  Pretty quick service and loads of options.  Bollywood Indian Takeaways and Restaurant website


Tamarind Indian Takeaways and Restaurant

Tamarind of Gisborne Indian Restaurant and takeaways

Here is another excellent local Indian takeaway option.  Making delicious authentic Indian food.  Located up the Te Hapara end of town which is a bit of a way form the coats beaches but if you are passing that way it is worth a visit.  Food is great but you can get long waits here so be sure to call ahead for any takeaway orders.  Its still worth the wait though.  Tamarind Indian takeways and restaurant website


Yoko Sushi

Yoko Sushi restaurant in Gisborne

If you're looking for some fresh sushi during the day then Yoko Sushi on Grey Street is a great option.  There's a busy team in there pumping out fresh sushi and other options throughout the day.  Fresh, healthy and clean food to fuel your Gisborne surfing mission.  Not open at night.  Takeaway and sit down options.  Yoko Sushi website


Neighbourhood Pizzeria and Takeaways

Neighbourhood Pizzeria in Gisborne entrance

This started off as a shipping container based pizza takeways joint but then moved into its current location in the Ballance Street Village as a proper pizza restaurant.  Known for good quality gourmet pizzas, even though its now primarily a restaurant you can still order takeways form Neighbourhood.  Call well in advance with your order as this place can get busy at times, especially if they have some live music on or its a hot summer day.  Neighbourhood Pizzeria website


Next time you come to Gisborne for a surf trip or just to enjoy our little slice of paradise, if you're looking for surfing essentials, surfboards, wetsuits, rentals etc then come to our NZ surf shop, Blitz Surf Shop, on the way to Wainui Beach from town.

If you've done your surfing and need to refuel the machine then you'll find some great takeaway food at these locally owned and operated places above.

There's also plenty more out there so be sure to get out and explore.  We will do more blogs on places to find cafes, restaurants and pub food.

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