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Firewire Surfboards’ Volcanic Technology: Revolutionizing Your Surfing Experience


Welcome to Blitz Surf Shop, your ultimate destination for high-quality surfboards online in New Zealand. In this blog we’re sussing out the innovative world of Firewire surfboards (which includes Slater Designs branded surfboards), specifically their groundbreaking volcanic technology. Knowing a bit about this recently released technology can help you decide on your next premium surfboard purchase.

What is Firewire’s Volcanic Technology?

Firewire Surfboards, known for their commitment to innovation and sustainability, have introduced into surfing manufacturing, a revolutionary technology that incorporates volcanic basalt fibre into their surfboard construction. This unique material, derived from volcanic rock, offers an array of benefits that traditional surfboard materials can't match.

Diagram of Firewire Volcanic surfboard construction

How Does Volcanic Technology Work?

Volcanic technology in Firewire surfboards involves using basalt fibre, which is produced by melting volcanic rocks at high temperatures. This fibre is then woven into fabrics that are incorporated into the surfboard’s structure. The result is a lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly surfboard that performs exceptionally well in the water.

Firewire Rob Machado Seaside surfboard in Volcanic technology

Key Benefits of Volcanic Technology

  1. Enhanced Durability: Basalt fibre is incredibly strong and resilient, making surfboards more resistant to dings, cracks, and general wear and tear. This durability helps your surfboard withstand the harshest conditions, from powerful closeouts to busting huge airs.

  2. Lightweight Performance: Despite its strength, basalt fibre is surprisingly lightweight. This means that surfboards made with volcanic technology are easier to manoeuvre, offering better control and speed on the waves.

  3. Eco-Friendly: Firewire’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of basalt fibre. Unlike traditional fibreglass, basalt is a natural, non-toxic material that has a lower environmental impact. Choosing a surfboard with volcanic technology is a step towards a greener planet.  Firewire Surfboards are constantly trying to lessen their impact on the planet.  Also if your board lasts longer because it is stronger then its going to have less environmental impact

  4. Superior Flex: The unique properties of basalt fibre provide a superior flex pattern. This enhances the surfboard’s responsiveness and pop, allowing for sharper turns and more dynamic manoeuvres on the water.

Why Choose Firewire’s Volcanic Technology?

Choosing a Firewire surfboard with volcanic technology means investing in performance, durability, and sustainability. Here at Blitz Surf Shop, we believe in offering our customers the best products that not only enhance their surfing experience but also contribute positively to the environment.

Slater Designs FRK Plus Kelly Slater Volcanic surfboard

Top Firewire Surfboards Featuring Volcanic Technology

  1. Slater Designs Great White: Modelled off the shape of the Great White Shark.  This board is a high performance twin or twin plus 1 to surf in medium to good quality waves as an alternative to your normal thruster performance board.  Put a huge amountof fun back into your surfing

  2. Slater Designs FRK+: For surfers looking for a high-performance, super-responsive, durable, precision oriented shortboard for medium to good quality waves.

  3. Firewire Seaside: Perfect for smaller waves, the Seaside’s construction ensures it remains light and easy to handle, while the volcanic technology provides the strength needed to last.

Slater Designs Great White Kelly Slater Volcanic surfboard


Firewire’s volcanic technology represents a significant leap forward in surfboard construction. By integrating basalt fibre, these surfboards offer unparalleled durability, lightweight performance, and environmental benefits. At Blitz Surf Shop, we’re proud to stock a range of Firewire surfboards that feature this innovative technology, helping our customers in New Zealand experience the best in surfing.

If you want to know more about any of these or other shortboards that we have in stock at Blitz Surf Shop just drop us an email at or call (06)8684428

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