FCS Sharkbanz Pod being worn by a surfer attached to his leash in the water

Dive into Safety with FCS Sharkbanz Pod: A Revolution in Ocean Protection


As ocean enthusiasts, surfers, divers, and beachgoers, we share a deep connection with the vast, mysterious world beneath the waves. While the allure of the ocean is undeniable, the presence of sharks can evoke fear and concern. FCS, a renowned brand in the world of water sports, has introduced an innovative solution to ease these worries – the FCS Sharkbanz Pod. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the design, functionality, and benefits of this groundbreaking device.

FCS Sharkbanz Pod floating in the water

Product Design:

The FCS Sharkbanz Pod is a compact and streamlined device designed to be seamlessly integrated into your water sports gear. The sleek, hydrodynamic pod is crafted with the user's comfort and convenience in mind, ensuring it doesn't interfere with your aquatic activities. It's a testament to FCS's commitment to providing practical solutions without compromising style or performance.

The pod is composed of durable materials that withstand the rigors of saltwater environments. Its design incorporates FCS's expertise in water sports equipment, ensuring a robust and reliable product that can accompany you on all your ocean adventures.

FCS Sharkbanz Pod and FCS surfboard leash

How It Works:

At the heart of the Sharkbanz Pod's effectiveness is its cutting-edge magnetic technology. The device emits a magnetic field that disrupts the electro-receptors found in most shark species, causing them to perceive the wearer as an unpalatable or potential threat. Sharks rely heavily on electro-reception to navigate and locate prey, making this technology a non-invasive and environmentally friendly method to deter them.

The magnetic field created by the Sharkbanz Pod does not harm the sharks but rather acts as a natural deterrent, encouraging them to keep a safe distance. This technology has been rigorously tested and refined to ensure its efficacy without causing harm to marine life or the wearer.

FCS Sharkbanz Pod being worn by a surfer connected to his leash in the water

Benefits to the User:

Peace of Mind:

The primary benefit of the FCS Sharkbanz Pod is the peace of mind it provides to ocean enthusiasts. By acting as a deterrent to sharks, it allows users to focus on enjoying their water activities without constant worry about potential encounters.

FCS Sharkbanz Pod being worn inside a wetsuit key pocket by a surfer

Non-Invasive Protection:

Unlike traditional shark deterrent methods that involve chemicals or physical barriers, the Sharkbanz Pod offers a non-invasive solution. It doesn't harm the sharks or disrupt the marine ecosystem, aligning with responsible and sustainable practices.


Whether you're a surfer, diver, or swimmer, the Sharkbanz Pod is designed to be versatile, easily incorporated into various water sports gear. Its unobtrusive design ensures that it doesn't interfere with your movements or the performance of your equipment.

FCS Sharkbanz Pod being attached to the key tie on a surfer's boardshorts

Scientifically Tested:

FCS has collaborated with marine biologists and scientists to develop and test the Sharkbanz Pod thoroughly. The device's effectiveness is backed by scientific research, providing users with confidence in its ability to deter sharks.

FCS Sharkbanz Pod being attached to a surfboard leash


The FCS Sharkbanz Pod represents a significant leap forward in ocean safety technology. By combining sleek design with cutting-edge magnetic technology, FCS has created a product that not only provides users with peace of mind but also contributes to the conservation of marine life. As we continue to explore and appreciate the wonders of the ocean, innovations like the Sharkbanz Pod ensure that we can do so responsibly and safely. Dive in with confidence and let the FCS Sharkbanz Pod be your trusted companion in the realm of aquatic adventures.

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