Mick Fanning surfing with his FCS 2 PG fins in a barrel

The New FCS 2 PG Pro (Performance Glass) Fins - Available Now at Blitz Surf Shop!

Want the most responsive, Pro-model fin construction? Look no further than the latest innovation from FCS - the FCS 2 Performance Glass Pro range of fins. Crafted with precision and designed for ultimate performance, these fins are set to revolutionize your surfing experience. And the best part? You can get your hands on them right here in New Zealand at Blitz Surf Shop or in our online store.

Mick Fanning Power Carve with FCS 2 PG Pro fins

Some of most popular FCS Il templates from the world's best surfers and shapers have now been constructed in Performance Glass material. This collection is designed for advanced surfers who have a committed, powerful approach to every turn in bigger waves.

Britt Merrick and Barron Mamiya showing the FCS 2 AM PG Pro fins in a surfboard

Solid fibreglass fins have for decades been the go-to construction for many of the worlds best surfers.  Performance Glass (PG) fins are CNC machined. Cut from sheets of layered fibreglass and resin to produce a fin with highly accurate foils which are then fine tuned by hand.

Barron Mamiya power carve surfing

PG fins have very fast memory recall which translates into speed. These fins generally sit at the higher end of the stiffness scale, providing immediate response and acceleration as the surfer powers up and drives through a turn.

Barron Mamiya holding an FCS 2 AM PG Pro surfboard fin

These fins are stiff and are widely used by pro-level surfers because the integrity of the flex is maintained under immense force, and in the most extreme of conditions and situations.

FCS 2 PG Pro Fins

What sets the FCS 2 Performance Glass fins apart from the rest? Let's dive into the benefits of this cutting-edge construction:

  1. Unmatched Performance:    Engineered to deliver unrivaled performance in all conditions, these fins are the result of extensive research and development by FCS. Holding on and accelerating through turns and super responsive.  No lag like other materials, tell your board what to do and it does it!

  2. Durable Construction:   Made from high-quality materials, the Performance Glass construction ensures durability while also significantly enhancing performance. Great memory because of the durability of the glass, these fins will stay livelier for much longer than other constructions.

  3. Enhanced Stiffness: Holding their shape under high force and pressure, these fins will power you through the most critical turns and give you confidence in solid surf.  With no lag in responsiveness from rail to rail you will notice the change in your surfing

Mick Fanning carrying his DHD surfboard showing his FCS 2 PG Pro fins


FCS 2 PG Pro Shaper and Athlete Models

Now, let's talk about the three individual models available in the FCS 2 Performance Glass range:

  1. AM (Al Merrick) Model: Template designed in collaboration with legendary shaper Al Merrick, this template offers a perfect blend of speed, drive, and control. Its designed for radical, progressive surfing.  The raked side fins offer exceptional speed and drive, and a slightly smaller centre fin offers quick release when required.  Suits hollow, steep beach breaks and punchy waves.

  2. MF (Mick Fanning) Model: Developed in partnership with three-time world champion Mick Fanning, this template is optimized for speed and maneuverability. Featuring a balanced outline and refined foil, the MF model allows you to generate maximum speed while maintaining control, making it ideal for high-performance surfing.  Ideal for power surfers who like to snap hard off the top and carve long roundhouse cutbacks.  They are suited to open-face, down-the-line waves and are particularly good in point and reef breaks.

  3. FT (Filipe Toledo) Model: Inspired by the dynamic surfing style of Brazilian powerhouse Filipe Toledo, this template is all about aerial performance and progressive maneuvers. These fins are for fast, progressive surfing.  With a wider base and more upright design, the FT model offers exceptional lift and release, allowing you to take your airs to new heights with ease.  Suiting a wide range of conditions but particularly good in overhead waves.
FCS 2 AM Pg Pro surfboard fins


It's no surprise that many professional surfers have already made the switch to the FCS 2 Performance Glass Pro fins. With their unparalleled performance and durability, these fins are the go-to choice for riders looking to elevate power and tune up their surfing in all conditions.

FCS 2 MF Mick Fanning PG Pro surfboard fins

Want these fins now?

Ready to experience the difference for yourself? Head over to Blitz Surf's online store www.blitzsurf.co.nz and get your hands on the FCS 2 Performance Glass fins today. If you're in New Zealand we've got you covered. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your surfing to new heights with these game-changing fins.  If you're in Gisborne come in to Blitz at 34 Wainui Road to check them out in person. Order now and get ready to unleash your full potential in the water!

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