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Christmas Gift Ideas For Surfers

Are you a bit stuck for ideas for a Christmas gift for the surfer in your life?  We've given you a range of ideas below starting for just $5 for a block of wax to help you out.  All these items are available at your favourite core surf shop, Blitz Surf Shop, and our online store right here.


Starting at just $5 for a block of New Zealand brand Sticky Johnson wax, $6 for Sex Wax or Palmers, $10 for Fu Wax. Or a helpful idea is Sticky Jonhson's gift pack seen here with 1 x cool water wax, 1 x cold water wax, 1 x wax comb, 1 x leash string....all in a handy plastic container to keep your wax clean!  Wax is an easy, low cost gift

Sticky Johnson gift pack

New Surfboard

Skipping straight to the holy grail now for the surfer in your life.  If you're thinking big, try to find out what their wishlist is on a new surfboard model or come and see our team for some advice.  Paddleboard (which are currently all on sale at Blitz), longboard, mid-length or funboard, shortboard or softboard, we stock them all.  Click here to see our full range of surfboardsFirewire Machado Seaside Volcanic quad fin surfboard

Keylocks and Lockable Tie Downs

You don't want that surfer in your life to lose any valuables from their car when those thieves on Santa's naughty list come prowling while they're out surfing.  Get them a keylock to safeguard their keys so they can surf with some peace of mind.  Check our keylocks here

Creatures of Leisure Key Lock

Or keep those precious surfboards secured to the top of the car with a Kanulock lockable tie down here

Sunscreen and Surf Hats

Surfing under the harsh New Zealand sun.  We have the misfortune of having one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world.  Every surfer needs sun protection.

Check out our range of premium sunscreens here .  One personal favourite is the Sticky Johnson Surf Screen which is a zinc based high protection sunscreen

Add a surf hat to the mix for extra head and face protection.  They generally come in a bucket hat or cap style with or without a Legionnaire's back flap.  Click here for surf hats

Surf Guide Book

The Wavetrack New Zealand Surf Guide is a handy little addition to anyone's car glove box for surf tripping around Aotearoa.  Referred to by a lot of traveling surfers as the NZ Surf Bible.  Check it out here

Wavetrack NZ Surf Guide

Surfears 3.0 - For Protecting Against the Dreaded Surfer's Ear

If they don't already protect their ears, and you don't want them to keep going "what?" to you after future surfs.  Check out Surfear's 3.0 premium ear protectionRead our blog about Surfears here for more information.  WE also have a range of lower cost, more basic ear protection instore as well to fill stockings

Surfears 3.0

Carver Surfskate

You'll be super popular if you leave one of these bad boys under the Christmas Tree.  Almost as good as scoring a new surfboard! Carver premium surfskates, the innovators in the surfskate market.  Here's a good way to get a grumpy surfer out of the house when the surf is no good.  Surfskates mimic pretty well the motions of surfing and you can have a lot of fun on these on the flat, on the pumptrack or in the park.  Some basics for you:

...the longer the wheelbase the higher top end speed achievable through pumping, shorter wheels base is easy to turn in a tight space. 

....C7 trucks mimic surfing the most, Cx trucks still mimic surfing but are a bit more stable for tricks in skateparks.

Carver C7 Know Phoenix surfskate

Hooded Towel

A handy gift idea for any water user, not just the surfer in your life.  Convenient to change modestly at the beach and also keep you warm.

We stock a range of men's, women's and childrens hooded towels including our own premium Gizzy Hard and East Coast towels.

Gizzy Hard premium velour hooded towel

Surfboard Leash

Through innovation over the years and improvements in manufacturing and materials, leashes don't snap very often.  But when they do its handy to have a spare one in your car so you can quickly come in from your surf and head back out again instead of going home sulking!  Get a spare leash for your surfer so you don't have to see them sulking when their session has come to an abrupt end.

Check out our current range of surfboard leashes here from premium surf brands like FCS, Creatures of Leisure and Ocean and Earth.

Rip Curl Surfing and Tide Watches

With enough waterproofing to go surfing in even their dress watches you can't go wrong with a watch from Rip Curl.  Some of the watches even have handy tide settings like this range of tide watches

Check out our range of men's and women's Rip Curl surf watches


Not just for trying to look cool but also for protecting your precious eyes from the glaring NZ sun.  Surfers spend a lot of time in the sun with extra glare and reflection off the water so they really need to make a point of wearing sunglasses often on land to make up for this other potential unavoidable UV damage.

We have a great range of sunglasses throughout he year from the likes of Dragon, Oakley, Carve and Prive Revaux 

Oakley Batwolf sunglasses


Once that water gets warmer there's nothing more appealing to a surfer than surfing in a nice pair of boardshorts.  Equally handing for exercise and training.  Most of the boardshorts we stock are now made from recycled polyester as a greener product than years gone by yet still retain their high performance characteristics, especially in the 4-way stretch premium models.

Check out our range of boardshorts here

Quiksilver Kehu Butler Marakihau shorts


Easy to shift amongst any 4 door car.  A set of soft racks can be really handy for just getting your boards around town on top of your car or going on a surf mission with the crew.

Check out our range of softracks here

Waterproof Bag

Keep your gear dry inside this bag out on the boat when going to the island or keep your wet gear inside it to keep everything else dry in your car.  Check out the FCS Wet/Dry backpack here

Waxfresh Wax Remover

This handy new product can clean wax of your board in the blink of an eye.  No more straining getting sore hands with a wax comb.  So simple yet so good!  Available here at Blitz




Wax Fresh surfboard wax remover showing 3 in black, white and neon green

New Wetsuit

The second most important item in a surfer's equipment after their surfboard, especially in colder places like New Zealand.  WE have a range of wetsuits from vests and shorts, all the way to 4/3 winter wetsuit, both full price and on sale

Check out our range of wetsuits here


Gift Cards and Vouchers

If you are still at a loss after seeing the above options you can always get them an online gift card here or come and see us at Blitz for a physical gift voucher.  Then they can decide for themselves and get exactly what they were dreaming of


We hope this info has given you some gift ideas for the surfer in your life.  As always our knowledgeable, friendly team are always here to give you advice either instore, via email at or by phone (06) 8684428.

Have a merry Christmas and thanks for your ongoing support of Blitz Surf Shop

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